My Journey to wedding photography

I believe there are certain things in life that were carefully designed and placed within us. It might start as a simple game, like pretending to cook in a plastic kitchen, or in my case, dressing up with my friends and coming up with a story--almost like theater. I never considered myself to be a good actress though and I found it more interesting to be responsible for the video camera or how the photos should look like. Slowly this game became my hobby and soon, the walls in my bedroom were covered with magazine cutouts, a big collage of photos that inspired me. 

Travel, art and fashion were the first things that caught my attention. I remember looking intently at a Tim Walker calendar I had and being filled with wonder about his ideas and the way his photos took me on a journey to my imagination. This dream of being able to produce photos that inspired others seemed so distant that it only remained as that for years: "my hobby". 

After studying Journalism and Communication, I found myself possessing a great amount of knowledge that could open a door into the world I wanted to dive in, but I didn't know where to start. In between my studies I continued to pursue photography and learning by myself. After some time, I travelled to Germany for half a year to attend a school that combined photography with faith. During this time I picked up for the first time an analog camera and spent long nights in the dark room understanding (what I believe is) the core and heart of photography. 

When I moved back to Costa Rica I was confronted with "reality" that photography had no place in my jobIt wasn't until I moved to Switzerland with my husband, that I suddenly found myself in a situation where "starting over" was almost required. Me not being fluent in german at the time made it possible for me to look for a way of "expressing myself" without much need of words. And for the first time I could seriously consider becoming a full time photographer, because photography was essentially the language of my heart. 

We are a team of two. My husband is a product engineer and coffee enthusiast, aside from a great pianist. We live in the outskirts of St. Gallen, Switzerland, in a town called Rheineck. Together we dream about discovering new places and capturing beautiful stories as we go.

What defines my style 

Romantic, candid and full of light. I like simplicity and authenticity. What is truly injected in my photography is this desire to capture the true essence of the wedding. The most beautiful photos come out of spontaneity, this we like to call "documentary style"; as a way of giving a name to the search of all the distinct moments that create this a unique story.  It is my goal that when you look at these photos you can revive these moments and be filled with joy all over again. 

As a person that is married herself, I understand the eternal meaning these photos will have in your life and how much you will look back on them, to remember or to share the story with your family, children and grandchildren. 


  • Zeit-Pauschale Offerten.
  • Eine große Auswahl an Fotos von Ihrer Hochzeit, Verlobung, Event, usw.
  • Eine Online-Galerie, wo man de Fotos herunterladen in höchster Auflösung kann / einfach zu teilen mit Ihren Freunden und Familie.
  • Eine gedruckte Auswahl der Favoriten.


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  • Flexible coverage from start to finish.

  • A wide selection of the photographs from your Wedding, Engagement, Event & more.

  • Online Gallery to display the photos online, download in high resolution & easy share with your family and friends.

  • A selection of our favorites as prints.

Other Services

  • Wedding invitation & Logo design 
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