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Wedding Photography

Telling stories and sharing happiness

"Photography is the beauty of life captured" - it's a phrase I came across once and completely struck my heart.  Life is beautiful, a collection of moments that shape our mind and soul. For this I created a "memory box". I truly enjoy reading through old letters, stumbling upon an old note about a dream, but there's nothing more rewarding than looking at photos. Because we revive those moments, we live again. To be encouraged, be moved, be inspired... or simply to fill our hearts with joy. 

This is why Wedding Photography became one of my passions. But more than photography my goal is to capture the emotions and unique story of your wedding day. My compass is to provide beautiful images that you can cherish for years and years to come! I know how these photos are essentially a synonym of keeping your memories always alive. They will also give a new definition to sharing your happiness, your story and the beauty of your life with others. 

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Words that inspire us

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It's the day you have been waiting for