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I started collecting memories since my childhood; like the drawings me and my friends passed around during school lecture, a napkin from my first coffee in Prague and my mother’s letters in a box. But it was actually through the photos, that made me revive moments and feelings. You live again, even in those moments you were not a part of. To be encouraged, moved, inspired or simply to fill our hearts with joy. This passion that sparked in my heart, never let go and led me to fall head over heels with Wedding Photography. My husband and I, both travelling and coffee fans, started photographing together weddings in “Storytelling Style” since 2015. Our compass is to reflect the story of each couple with our photos, while documenting a long awaited occasion and keeping those memories always alive.


I left my journalism career in Costa Rica and moved to a country with four seasons, different language and no one I knew. After my first winter at the foot of the Alps, my husband Uriel encouraged me to pursue my lifelong passion of Photography. We understand now more than ever the value of shooting together as it allows us to multiply the perspectives of our wedding documentaries. Our style is raw; we like capturing real emotions and moments. Natural light is our best friend and that's why enjoy try to inject daylight as much as possible. We like to stay in the background, basically unnoticed, so that you can live the moment trusting that someone is capturing all the things that you have carefully prepared for the big day. We truly enjoy spending this time next to our clients and we appreciate that you have taken the time to read more about us.


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I am the kind of person that finds joy in the simple things of life. Like the sound of the rain, the smell of coffee in the morning or a phone call with a friend. Packing for a journey steals my sleep at night, I love travelling and long road trips. But what truly captivates my heart are stories, especially those ones that I get to document with my camera. I pursue to portrait with the style of light, soft and nostalgic film photography. When two people decide to become one, there is an indescribable kind of magic that wraps the celebration and the day—call me a hopeless romantic! It is beautiful to experience this journey next to the people who trust me to photograph their wedding.



Give me a BBQ, a good wine, a little bit of Coldplay and I am happy man. I love walking through new places, find the best espresso in town or a hidden hamburger joint. When I am not dreaming about food, I am usually roasting coffee in Maillardos Kaffeerösterei in Rheineck. I love to photograph conversations and interactions during weddings alongside my wife, also the funny kids and spontaneous moments that happen when no one is looking! My favorite part of the day is when the bride walks into the church and sees the groom for the first time; I have to admit I get wet eyes from time to time—a wedding day is always a very special day for everyone involved.