Bonfire in the Forest

The Summer is coming. Days have more light, it feels like 3 P.M. all the way thru 8 P.M. Pollen is hidden and exposed on every surface, swimming on the surface of the lake. It's getting warm, even in the shade. 

These days it always seems the right time for a late bonfire in the forest. Last month, we walked to a nearby trail and lit a fire. Later a cold breeze invited the night as we saw the sunlight disappear between the tree leaves. New lights shine from far away, the stars, the moon... but in the forest it feels dark and quiet. 

Our fire was the only source of light and warmth. Everything outside of the perimeter of the flame was pitch black. It made me think about all the things that hide when light is gone, the visible things become invisible when you're wrapped in the dark.

I took my camera and shot some random photos, no light, no flash. Just the fire and the illumination of the sky. 

This is why I love natural light photography :)