White, Blue and 365 Churches

Every time we told someone we were going to Greece on holiday they gave us the puzzled look: "Oh but isn't Greece in an economical crisis?". We didn't purposefully plan to land on Crete exactly the week the banks would close; but while on the ferry to the island of Ios, everything seemed peaceful and in a festive mood. Even the greeks were smoking and sipping on Ouzo while sitting on the non-smoking cabin, it felt like a celebration.

The journey to the island was lengthy but once we stepped on the Port and got hugged by a fresh sea salt breeze, we were inspired. The sun sat like a diamond in the midst of a cloudless blue sky and white houses covered the mountain. Just the way I had pictured it on my mind. Did you know that Ios has 365 Churches? One for every day of the year, according to the island's map. But don't expect an unlocked door, they are not all actively in service.

No rush to anywhere, wether walking or on a quad, everyone headed in a different direction across the island with an inviting adventurous spirit. Through trails surrounded by tall dry grass we were led day by day to discover a new place, sharing cups of coffee, glasses of Raki and snacking on salt & vinegar chips by the beach. 

Raquel SandovalComment