A wedding in Italy

I was looking forward to this wedding ever since I wrote it on my calendar. It would be my first time ever in Lake Como; a place that I immediately connected as a travelling magazine destination. As we embarked on our three and a half hour drive down to Italy all I could think about was how I never; in my wildest dreams, ever imagined that one day I would be shooting a wedding in such a dreamy place. 

We rolled our suitcases over the glistening pebble stone roads of the town of Laglio with the agitated sound of the lake on the background. The puddles of water suggested a forecast that no bride wants to hear. But regardless of the rain and the unexpected cold temperature, Como looked beautiful under the overcast sky. The streets were lively and crowded, people paced through the alleys and you could hear a different language on every corner. It all seemed so lighthearted and unaffected by the gloomy weather. 

The next day the story took an unexpected turn. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the bride step unto the nostalgic boat that rode us to the Villa Balbianello in her glorious wedding dress, it was truly "Bildhübsch" (adj. Pretty as a picture). She wore a classic princess-cut dress from La Sposa with intricate details of lace on the bodice and a flowing skirt that danced behind her as she approached the port of Laglio. The sun was shining so bright, like a diamond behind the clouds and it made the lake glow in a vibrant teal blue color. 

As a photographer, I find myself often absorbing many emotions when the bride approaches the groom for the first time. And this time was no exception, my heart was racing. Not only because of the anticipation of this first look but also because I felt extremely blessed to be there at that moment. 

From the terrace overlooking the lake, the groom waited for his bride. A handful of tourists stopped on their tracks as they saw the bride step out of her boat.

For just an instant it was as if time had stopped, we could all feel the emotion engaged in that moment. People contemplated with admiration and stepped to the side opening the way for the bride. I cannot even tell you exactly how many times her photo was asked for, taken, sent, shared, as she walked through the bright green gardens, who knows! This scene I will not even try to describe as the photos can speak for themselves. 

The reception took place in Villa Regina Teodolinda about a 25 minute boat ride from Villa Balbianello; where the guests shared a glass of champagne with the wedded couple before stepping unto dinner later on the evening. In the background the acoustic trio of HP-3 put everyone in a romantic relaxed mood. Stephanie had shared with me her vision of a minimalist stationery that would match her floral centerpieces created by a local florist Figli dei Fiori; this was complemented with a single eucalyptus branch and laid on the plates. An understated detail that paired ever so delicately with the rustic style of the Villa. 

When the sun set, the trees were lit up with christmas lights and served as the perfect backdrop for cutting the cake or more precisely― : cutting the cheese. A tower of different italian and french cheeses was the perfect dessert for this unique evening. Soon after, the couple engaged in their first dance as husband and wife to the sound of Ginger and the Freds. Our first Lake Como wedding experience was beyond beautiful and we are looking forward to go back next year for another wedding :). 

Special thanks to:

Stephanie & Adrian, for trusting me and Uriel to photograph your wedding day and treating us as your friends! 

Our friends at Davision Pictures who made an amazing video and made it a joy to work along you. 

Gemma Aurelius at My Lake Como Wedding



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