Colossians 3:14

"But above all these, put on love, Love is the perfect tie that binds you together" - Colossians 3:14


In a nutshell: this message was what brought this bride and this groom to the church that day. After a series of unexpected events, this "Love" (and I mean God), brought Patty and Florian to the aisle. It was a celebration, not only for their marriage; but one of praise, of thankfulness. This handwritten verse on wood tablets sent a chill down my spine when I walked into the church— and I knew it would be the very first thing that the groom and the bride would see too, when they individually walked down the aisle. Oh, the feels!

The bride started her day in Burgdorf, at the Styling Atelier. She had a regal-inspired updo with a delicate silver chain. The dress was a stunning princess-cut with an open back. The groom wore a navy blue suit with accents of pastel pink. Throughout his attire you could find custom-made accents, like the initials of the couple engraved on the inner pocket flap and the initials of the groom on his sleeve. This attention to detail was present all throughout the wedding; the simple details were the ones that caught my attention the most (maybe its a photographer thing): like the color of the straws, the amount of spices that were available for popcorn at the aperó or the cutting board with the engraved initials of the couple that was given to every guest.

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Although we had planned to lay on the grass on a cool autumn-day; nature decided to give us a different direction. Special thanks to BlumenhandwerkHotel Stadthaus and Kunsthaus Langenthal for allowing us to spontaneously photograph the couple at their location. I must say, this flower-shop moment inspired me to find more flower shops where to photograph! 


The feast took place at the Hotel Bären in Langenthal, and wow... this hidden Baroque ballroom truly set the mood for the party. The tables were decorated with pastel pink roses arrangements which matched the bridal bouquet. While waiting for the couple to come back from the photoshoot, the guests were treated to a back massage by the Chair Massage (an idea from the groomsmen!).

The "Barock-Saal" was elegant, tall, white, extremely detailed and royal—my first thought was the classical Marie-Antonette line: "let them eat cake" (do not ask me how do I connect movie lines with places, I have no idea how it happens). It was the perfect backdrop for the untraditional first dance of the couple, who started with a classical waltz and ended with a full on choreography. 


I know I have said this before, and it might be cheesy, but I just feel so blessed and thankful for the opportunities we have had this year to accompany couples throughout their wedding day. Thank you Patty and Florian for the trust and for allowing us to be a part of it! 

Here´s a small look into the album I created for this couple, all wrapped in gray-golden linen fabric and printed with rich luster matte photo-paper. I love it!

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