Winter journal

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Where I live, snow is truly unpredictable. One day it feels like winter has arrived, the next day it is gone, melted away into the ground. In the distance I see the mountain tops covered with white layers of snow and I wonder if it really is a matter of a few hundred meters - what defines my concept of winter at the edge of the Bodensee. 

That's why driving up to Graubunden became one of my favorite places to visit since I live here. Because it gives you the feeling of the mountains being so close and mighty, towering giants covered in pine trees. For me this is the true image of what Switzerland is (in my imagination, of course). I invited this couple to one of my hide-away places in the skirts of a little town called Trin Mulin, just over a 3 hour drive for the couple. Convinced that we would find the ideal winter-landscape to be the backdrop of their photos. Oh, and it was somewhere between -6 and -10, but the sun came out and there was a light snowfall... it was so worth it. Thank you Shalil and Marica for sharing your story with me, I am so looking forward to photograph your wedding this year! 



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