From Peru to Switzerland

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As a latina, I was delighted to be a part of Evelyn & Dave's wedding in Rapperswil Jona earlier this year. Evelyn, half peruvian and half swiss, was my first ever latina bride in Switzerland! Imagine my excitement when I met them and could speak spanish for the first time ever with one of my couples. 

The ceremony took place at the Kirche St. Martin at the edge of the Zürich Lake; right across the very spot where the couple shared many picnics in the summer. "It's a very special place for us" — Evelyn told me as she was getting ready at the beautiful Tanzsalon in Rapperswil. This place, a dream-like hidden spot within a dancing school; served as the backdrop to a relaxing getting-ready morning.  

The church was buzzing with different languages, there was english, spanish, german, swiss german. Many of the guests had specially flown in, just to be a part of the 9th of June, 2018. The groom, waited for his bride at the altar wearing a fitted standing-collar suit, combined with all ivory white tie & vest. The bride wore a sweetheart neckline dress with a dainty sparkly belt; a dress that she had unexpectedly found on one of her travels in Peru. 

After the ceremony, the celebration continued at the gardens of Bächlihof "Jucker Farm" within walking distance of the church. Where the guests could cool off to a beer or a locally produced juice with the seasonal fruits and herbs from the farm. Before the sunset, a group of folkloric peruvian artists surprised the crowd with a series of traditional dances to the sound of a drum. It was so beautiful and full of color! A tale told through dance moves, from the union of a man and a woman. I have to admit I found myself dancing and throughly enjoying being in that moment while no one was looking; it reminded me of home and the "bailes típicos" of Costa Rica. 

Though these dances are based on tales and metaphors, I thought they spoke a beautiful truth about marriage. In a way, marriage is a "pursuit", a "following each other". Each move supporting the next of your partner, and if you fail to synchronise; the whole dance collapses. But when you have someone who is there to pick you up even when you fall, the dance continues, as if it was meant to be that way and that's the treasure you find in marriage. 

Walking through the apple trees, we reached the "Heugade" Salon. A barn-looking building, however completely modernly renovated on the inside. Every table was decorated with rose petals & white hortensias; there were lanterns and cute balloons hanging from the wood columns, as well as fairy lights hung throughout the room, giving a romantic candle-lit atmosphere. 

As everyone found their way through the buffet, the sky turned dark and grey; soon letting out a true summer downpour. From the inside, the rain was the perfect song that harmonised in the background of dinner time. Later, friends of the couple brought in a piñata, a global symbol for all of us latins meaning "celebration" and "joy"—just kidding, that's just what it means to me at least! And I mean, it was an epic piñata, full of real candies! The bride got most of the candies though, because she had the larger skirt (latinos will know what I mean ;)). 


"Dear Raquel, Thank you very much for the photos of our wedding!!!!! They are fantastic, spectacular, wonderful and some of them very funny! ; ) They made us cry, laugh and enjoy!
We are so happy and so grateful! They left us breathless and we are very happy to have chosen you. We love how the pictures captured the mimic, the deep emotions and the most important moments of the day, you have a magical eye for special and extraordinary situations. The Gallery is perfect with its different functions, we never get tired of seeing it again and again! Thank you for making us revive and "feel" our marriage. You two are fantastic and very professional people, it was a great pleasure to have you with us on our special day! Thank you very much for everything!" - E&D

Gracias Evelyn & Dave por permitirnos ser los fotógrafos de ésta boda tan hermosa. Es un honor para nosotros haber realizado la documentación de todas éstas preciosas memorias para ustedes! Les deseamos lo mejor y un matrimonio lleno de amor todos los dias!

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