Pink Sunset in Cyprus

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Quite unexpectedly and with short notice I received a message on Facebook last year asking me if I would be willing and available to shoot a wedding in Cyprus at the height of summer. A message that eventually got us in an airplane bound to Larnaca to meet Andrew & Anna. This lovely international couple had decided, after years of being in a long distance relationship, to tie the knot at the bride’s hometown. As we rolled out our suitcases from the airport, we were received with a golden sunset and shades of pink and purple brushed in the sky. I secretly prayed we could just capture that image on the wedding day —spoiler: we did.

The day started at the flat from the brides parents, where I was kindly offered a delicious cup of traditional Cypriot-coffee. The bridesmaids caught a comfortable spot in the living room and prepared themselves for the day, meanwhile Anna received the make-up treatment from her very own sister-in-law. The bride wore a dress with lace details and an open back, matched with a pair of her favourite earrings and blush pink heels.

The ceremony took place just a few roads away, at the local church where family and friends awaited the bride & groom. Andrew, dressed to match his groomsmen; wore khaki pants and combining tie. A duet of violin players warmly received the Anna and her father arm-in-arm, while an overwhelming emotion caught the room as the groom spun around to see his bride for the first time.

After the ceremony we headed to a salt lake, a small distance away from the city center. It was right on that moment when the sun starts to hide behind the mountains, breaking the light in such a way that the sky creates color we cannot define. We ran, jumped and took lots of fun shots on the lake, but most importantly, we captured some lovely memories for this couple and my heart was just racing of excitement to be a part of this moment.

And of course there was a lot of dancing!

Special thanks to the Santamas family & the couple who so warmly received us and trusted us to document this beautiful wedding! Thank you also to Susie and Hercules for hosting us and cooking for us delicious waffles, we will always remember!

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