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Vineyard Wedding

t's ten after nine. There is a dark cloud hoovering over the valley and in the distance, a small gap between the clouds shows a bright blue sky. As we were greeted by the couple at the apartment where they were getting ready, we immediately absorbed the emotions in the air: joy, excitement, love (aww). The bride sat in the living room while the hairstylist carefully curled her hair. The groom offered us a glass of champagne and invited us to toast with him and their best-friends.

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Wedding Favors Inspiration: Coffee!

What to give to your wedding guests as a gift? I know I gave myself a hard time for my own wedding, thinking about what could serve as a long-lasting memory for our guests. I was lacking ideas and I did not want to have custom made skittles. In the end, I came back to the root of inspiration for my wedding: trees.

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